World Cup 2010 - FotMob

World Cup 2010 - FotMob 0.1.0

Follow the World Cup on your Android phone


  • Attractive user interface
  • Mark a team as your favorite
  • All the latest news from the tournament


  • Crashes at times
  • No live commentary


If you want to stay in touch with everything that's happening in South Africa during the World Cup, then install World Cup 2010 - FotMob on your phone.

World Cup 2010 - FotMob brings you all the latest news, results, scores and standings from the tournament. The free Android app arranges all of this information in an attractive user interface. You can scroll through the latest news feed from in the main window, then click on a story to open it up in a new window.

The main menu in World Cup 2010 - FotMob is located above the news feed. Here you can view fixtures, show current tables, check out the top scorers chart and follow the latest scores in real time. World Cup 2010 - FotMob allows you to mark one team as your favorite, giving you quicker access to information about your country's progress.

On the downside, World Cup 2010 - FotMob doesn't offer commentary - audio or text - on the matches, which is a shame. Also, the application crashed a couple of times during our tests on the HTC Desire.

You should note that a World Cup section has been added to the main FotMob app, which also gives you information about domestic leagues around the World. So, if you're a mad-keen soccer fan you might be better off downloading that one instead.

Overall though, staying up-to-date with the latest from South Africa is dead easy with World Cup 2010 - FotMob.

World Cup 2010 - FotMob


World Cup 2010 - FotMob 0.1.0

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